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Maxine’s Named One of Orlando’s Best Restaurants

Maxine’s Named One of Orlando’s Best Restaurants

"The most neighborhoody of neighborhood restaurants deserves inclusion on this list for the unmatched camaraderie the cozy joint elicits among its patrons. Proprietors Maxine and Kirk Earhart work the room in their own whimsical, inimitable style, and the menu is no...

Dining Deals with Summertime Savings Appeal

Woohoo…it is vacation time! Yes, yes, let us digress, into a relaxing time without stress. Are you going to Disney, the Bahamas, getting all fancy in Paris, maybe the Great White North… eh, or just staying and playing in the heart of the City Beautiful? The...

Orlando Sentinel Best Neighborhood Restaurant

Orlando Sentinel Best Neighborhood Restaurant

Maxine's named Best Neighborhood Restaurant by Orlando Sentinel Foodie critic and was the readers' pick! We were also named Best Kept Secret, third place for best live music, and third place for best brunch. Thank you Orlando! Read more here    

Cocktails at Maxine’s??

Cocktails at Maxine’s??

Cocktails at Maxine’s?? HB1447 passed! 80 seat restaurants in Downtown Orlando can now sell liquor! It passed 38-0. This has been over 5 years in the making and we owe so much thanks to so many people. Find out more below! New liquor law means more boozy cocktails for...

Orlando asks lawmakers to ease rules on liquor licensing

Orlando asks lawmakers to ease rules on liquor licensing

The city is asking Florida lawmakers to reduce the size limits for a restaurant in the downtown area to obtain a liquor license from 2,500 square feet to 1,800 square feet, and lower the minimum serving capacity from 150 customers to 80. “It allows a small restaurant...

Maxine’s Shines as the King and Queen of Orlando Brunch

Let proprietor Kirt Earhart explain the concept of the “Rejuiceanation Brunch:” “It’s where we seek to rejuvenate the essence of your well-cocktailed soul,” he said. “We elevate the experience of engaging others in a highly-entertaining epicurean environment.”...

Orlando’s Buzziest Brunch – Maxine’s on Shine

BUZZIEST BRUNCH MAXINE’S ON SHINE Although tucked away in Orlando’s Colonialtown neighborhood, there’s no way you’ll miss Maxine’s on Shine. Between the live music and liberal cocktails, Maxine’s fairly buzzes with energy during... Continue Reading  ...

Maxine’s Awarded 2017 Foodie Award

Maxine's was awarded the Orlando Sentinel's 2017 Foodie Award for Best Neighborhood Restaurant. See more here: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/entertainment/restaurants/os-et-foodie-awards-neighborhood-restaurant-2017-story.html      

JUNO Smile CD Release Party

JUNO Smile released their new CD at Maxine's on Shine. Find out more here: http://jessicadaumen.com/junosmile/home.html