Good Day to You,

We hope that you find you and yours doing well, and a happy 4th of July weekend!

Thank you for all the encouragement and love. Whether it has been through email, social media, donating to our GoFundMe account to feed first responders and others in need, picking up meals curbside, getting them delivered, or dining with us; all is felt and appreciated by our entire Maxine’s family. It is always an honor to help you celebrate that life is good in our collective neighborhood. Especially, when there are trying times that require extra effort on all our behalves to exhibit the grace of putting a smile on another’s face.

Indoor and Outdoor Seating

We recently resumed indoor seating and unveiled the extension of outdoor seating with our “Islands of Dining”. Taking the slower, smarter, and more secure route to safety for everyone, just makes sense. Your trust and us being fully responsible with it, are requirements in our continued relationship.

We needed to have house operations in order as we have reopened in stages. With our small interior dining room, the 50% capacity rule is superseded by keeping 6 feet between tables, and patrons at the bar. Our current layout allows for only 7 tables in the main dining room, 1 table in the chapel, and maximum 8 guests at the bar (wait till you meet the Blooming Heads by artist Jamieson Thomas as your safe distanced bar mates). We are keeping the front and side doors open as needed to keep fresh air flowing in the main room.

On the patio you will find 5 tables vs the normal 9, each with a minimum of 6 feet between them. On our pebble beach parking lot during the weekends, the Islands of Dining reveal 3 cabana style platforms for 4, elevated and mobile. Each has a canopy top, mesh netting sides, an elemental protective wall, fan, lights, and plants.

Additionally, we have a covered and open air, larger island with two fans, that can accommodate up to 10 guests. (Please note the parking lot is not available at this time, so please utilize Shine and Ridgewood for parking. There is room for handicapped drop off.)

There are shaded and distanced waiting areas as well as our “Love you to the Moon and Back” vignette for photo’s. Coming by end of July, will be the “Watering Hole” a water-shed moment for us in turning a utility shed into an outdoor service bar. We feel comfortable that you will too in any of the three areas.

Reservations Available!

“So how do I get a seat?” No one is happier than we are, that you asked! We are taking reservations again. The easiest way is booking through the homepage of our website, and yes, you can still call as well. Seatings have a two-hour maximum time limit.

Those begin at the time of your reservation or when we seat your party should there be a delay on OUR part. Please remember that “seating area requests” are “requests”. We are making all areas as safe and comfortable as possible and will do our best to accommodate your request.

While light rain and summertime temperatures will not limit our covered and cooled outdoor dining, lightning and heavy rain will. This may result in delayed seatings, or not being able to seat at all. My late- night weather dances seeking to appease the gods are really good but not always do they catch their fancy.


Cleanest Restaurant This Side of the Mississippi

Masks are required to enter the building, and to been worn when not seated at your table or bar. Our staff are always wearing masks whether in the kitchen, the dining room, or serving you outside.

We have disposable masks for free, and Maxine has been creating a stylish array of fashionable masks with reversible fabrics for your purchase. Sanitizer wipes, hard service disinfectant wipes, and gloves are also available at each entrance. Each table has individual sanitizer packets as well.

Menus, pens, and check presenters are being disinfected after each use. Our menus are also posted on our website, easily accessed on your phone if you prefer going contactless. We will have 2 touch free tablets for contactless credit card processing by mid-July.

Daily staff temperature checks are performed and logged when clocking in, and our entire team is being tested. Every week we finish service and cleaning at 5pm on Sunday after Rejuicination Brunch, and do not reopen until 5pm for dinner on Wednesday. This gives a 72-hour window for a deep clean, no dining service, and minimal staff for prep and deliveries. Safety vs. sales is the top priority.

With that being said…


Bite:30 Is Still Happening!

Coming July 15th is the Orlando Weekly’s “Bite:30” month. This epicurean staycation could not come at a better time. Thirty days of a three-course meal for $30.

Think of it as buying an appetizer and entrée, and the dessert is on us.

Additionally, wine pairing options will be offered for $15 for the three courses, and Tito’s vodka is our liquor sponsor w/ $5 singles and $8 martinis. (Even though I am in the latter stages of a self-imposed 6-month sabbatical from tasty beverages, you know I found the best possible selections for your enjoyment).

This promotion will run through August 15th. The food portion will be available for pick up at no extra charge, and for delivery to limited areas at a $5 charge.

Sip and Savor, the Main Street USA promotion, follows for two weeks immediately after Bite:30 ends, and then Magical Dining right after that! Whew, I think we need a break already. Hhhmmm, a little later on that.


Open July 4th (Maxine’s Bday!)

This year we will be open for July 4th, and would love to see, feed, and celebrate with you! As it is Maxine’s actual birthday, we have often closed, and joined many of you for traditional celebrations for cookouts, the beach and city fireworks. So we would love to have you that weekend for Rejuicination Brunch, now going Friday thru Sunday from 10a-3p, or for dinner Friday or Saturday night from 5p-9p. Maxine will have a few birthday cakes Saturday night to treat those that come out for her safely distanced celebration. You want to get your Maxine’s fix in now, cause starting on Monday the 6th, we will be taking a break.

Maxine’s has been working with a small staff that decided not to take unemployment and keep working. And work we did! March, April, and May found us repairing, remodeling, painting, cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, building, continue take-out and even pivoting to having our own delivery van. (Please go to www.maxines.app and see how easy it is to make a reservation at your own home, and have ours deliver the food to yours). So…we decided to give everyone a week off to rest and get tested before the 10 straight weeks of dining deals begin. We are closed beginning Monday July 6th, and reopen Wednesday, July 15th for Bite:30.

If you want to get a little bit more info on our journey, you can find the front page article from the Orlando Sentinel, the interview with Spectrum 13 news and the one with 104.1 FM personality Jim Colbert and his show “Prime Time Kitchen” on our website. Coming in the next week, our interview with I4 Business magazine will be published too. Maxine and I are always available by contactus@maxinesonshine.com.

Well, except for the 6th thru the 14th this month. We look forward to seeing you soon, and again, blessings to you and yours.

Peace, Love, & Strength,

Maxine & Kirt

The Little Restaurant That Would