Good day to you, and a very happy holiday week to you and yours. Regardless of our beliefs, we can all agree “love is the greatest of all”. Let’s share it! We trust you find yourself safe and in good health. Should that not be the case, we send our sincerest thoughts and prayers of strength, healing, and comfort.

If we can be of assistance, please email us at contactus@maxinesonshine.com, and we will reply immediately.

While we do get a bit of a laugh when we hear of or see social posts of those that are having a tough time keeping themselves busy, that’s not been the case around here. As our team returns from a company imposed, 14-day quarantine, to ensure their safety and yours, we have been busy implementing short and long term game plans for “the little restaurant that would”. See the Orlando Sentinel article from Saturday the 5th.

Oh yeah, and there are probably quite a few of you going through the same. Let’s not leave out the whole loan process thing, keeping safe distance from your loved one(s), and adjusting to the darned inconvenience of it all. Provided we are so fortunate as to only be inconvenienced. Well, here is an update on all things, as that is why you opened this newsletter anyway.

As we channel our 1940’s roots as the former downtown one-stop, grocery shop, Maxine’s Market is now open. For the duration of this week, we are offering pick up and carry out service of a limited number of Maxine’s menu classics from the dinner and brunch menu. Yes, we have big plans to help out with those Easter meal plans of yours too. Our hours of serving you dinner are Wednesday thru Saturday from 4p to 8p. On Saturday we are offering Rejuicination Brunch favs from 10a to 2p. (Full package store with liquor, beer, wine, and sealed mixed drinks are available anytime we are open). Preordered meals will be offered on Sunday from 11a to 4p. You can get all details for your celebration feast on the homepage of our website maxinesonshine.com.

Starting Wednesday the 15th, Maxine’s Market will expand to-go meal service to include Rejuicination Brunch favorites as well as Maxine’s Dinner Classics Wednesday thru Sunday! Brunch will be offered from 10-2, and dinner from 4-8. The market will remain open from 10a-8p Wednesday thru Sunday for your tasty beverage (don’t forget we have a full package store), grocery, preplanned meals, entertainment, and safety shopping. We will start small in each section (except for tasty beverages), and build based upon your needs and requests.

“We want delivery, and we want it now”! In a Yoda voice, “Heard have we your wishes…hhhmm!”. Allow us to introduce you to “Maxine’s on…Demand”. As we get MOD, ernized, and join forces with The Fleat Network, prepare for the safest and easiest way to order and receive your food. Right now, you can sign up to have priority and be among the first for this new service. We need your address. Click on maxinesclub.com to fill out the short form. We won’t distribute your information ever, and honestly, you know we respect your privacy as we already have your phone and email. We will begin with a series of limited areas of delivery at first. After giving you the link to download Maxines.app to your phone and computer, you will find the latest technology to assist in getting your grub luv on with us. The Maxines.app will have you partner with us in determining delivery zones, and our routes to you. Best of all, it will inform you when we are pulling in your driveway with your freshly prepared order. Learning about special offers, pick up options, and family loyalty programs are all part of the “intelligent” connection we will share. Our goal is to have our Maxine’s on Demand delivery vehicle start rolling through local neighborhoods Friday night the 17th. We need your address now to make that happen. If I’m repeating myself, it’s late, and…we need your address.

In closing, we would like to encourage you to join another facet of our collective family. We are raising money to help feed those in need here in the Orlando area. We put out the challenge to raise $10k to make a difference and live what it really means to be a citizen of #TheCityBeautiful.

At https://www.gofundme.com/f/maxine039s-on-shine-food-for-others-in-orlando you can learn more about the cause, join our team, share the info, or make a donation if you have the fiscal means. We know you want to help others, so let us take that decision of how, off your plate, and put food on someone else’s.

Another way to help is gift certificates. Yes, it is awesome to build a little personal Maxine’s saving account, to celebrate when we get thru this, while helping us out now. However, wouldn’t it be really cool… to buy one for a first responder, or the cashier at your local grocery store, an elderly or sick neighbor? Fill in the blank there with a great intention, and picture the warmth, the recipient of your good will, will exhibit in their smile, when they get their delicious and strengthening meal from your fav’ lil’ restaurant. We make it simple on the website. Just purchase, and directly email them their gift certificate in one visit. It’s that easy.

Okay.. this here “hello” is closing in on 1000 words, but when is the last time we exchanged a little conversation tableside? So, if you feel inclined, take your phone or computer to the dining area of your pad, and “talk this through with us” as we make a virtual table touch with you. Your pets, kids, or significant other probably won’t mind, and you will really know if you fall into that “Oh my goodness, what do I do with myself, I’m going stir crazy” group we mentioned at the start of this!

Ooohhh, hey. Voting is happening in Orlando Magazines “Best of”. Here is the link to check it out and give us a vote of confidence with all your spare time and all.

Keep your hunger for the bright side of life, and feed it, alongside your family at Maxine’s on Shine!



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Much Love and Thankfulness for You,

Maxine & Kirt