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Maxine's Dining

See new safety precautions below menus.

Safety Precautions

Masks are required to enter the building, and to been worn when not seated at your table or bar. Our staff are always wearing masks whether in the kitchen, the dining room, or serving you outside.

We have disposable masks for free, and Maxine has been creating a stylish array of fashionable masks with reversible fabrics for your purchase. Sanitizer wipes, hard service disinfectant wipes, and gloves are also available at each entrance. Each table has individual sanitizer packets as well.

Menus, pens, and check presenters are being disinfected after each use. Our menus are also posted on our website, easily accessed on your phone if you prefer going contactless. We will have 2 touch free tablets for contactless credit card processing by mid-July.

Daily staff temperature checks are performed and logged when clocking in, and our entire team is being tested. Every week we finish service and cleaning at 5pm on Sunday after Rejuicination Brunch, and do not reopen until 5pm for dinner on Wednesday. This gives a 72-hour window for a deep clean, no dining service, and minimal staff for prep and deliveries. Safety vs. sales is the top priority.